Auto-Tune for Guitar?! Cheating?

Auto Tune blog

Yes, its true.  Antares, the developers of the notoriously abused Auto-Tune software, have created Auto-Tune for the guitar.  No longer will your strings ever be out of tune.  No longer will imperfect guitar performances make it to a record accidentally.  The influence of digital correction and perfection is one that cannot be avoided.  Embrace it or complain about it.  I am curious to see this currently unreleased tool in action.  I am looking forward to creating the most perfect guitar solo of all time!



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From ATL to NYC


I was back in ATL for a few days for a production project and to rent my house out.  While at MakeOne’s house it occurred to me that we have successfully established a creative and business reputation in both ATL and NYC.  In 2004 I had no plans to be in NYC, until Wall Street named a salary I couldn’t refuse.  Before 2004 we played pool using the Falcons and the Giants (see picture), before the thought of living in NYC even crossed the mind.  Some things are just a part of a greater plan.  NYC quickly became a comfortable place to spread creativity and build community.  And still is….

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First Day Not Being BOLD

First day no Blackberry Bold

Funny how quick you can become dependent on a device. The Blackberry Bold was my weapon of choice
in the communication battlefield. I could easily have eye contact with someone and rapidly fire out 3 text messages and 2 emails before anyone realized I was on the berry.

The iPhone. A distinct change of pace and an undeniable tech upgrade. Being a true techie I secretly feared that I would replace human interaction with the app lovin and iTunes. Time will tell if my worst fears will come true, but for now I am having a blast with my new smarter phone. Goodbye BBM. You will be missed.


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