Dee-1 The Focus Tape Hosted by Mannie Fresh


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Just in case you are late to the party. I cut and pasted some bio info for you:

His style is so diverse that he creates his own lane in hip-hop. Born & raised in the heart of New Orleans, Dee-1 shared the same struggles as the legendary artists that put the 504 on the map, but he represents the city with a different viewpoint. He is the voice for anyone on a mission to win in the game of life by maximizing their potential and grinding with a purpose.

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree, Dee-1 began teaching middle school in Baton Rouge by day to help fund his music projects. The strong bond he formed with his students inspired him to be a powerful leader, but it also made it hard for him to leave. As his buzz as an artist continued to grow, he finally decided that his passion for hip hop was too much to ignore and that being “Dee-1″ gave him a much larger platform to be heard than being “Mr. Augustine.” Sleepless nights being a full time teacher and part time rapper were now replaced by sleepless nights being a “full time dream chaser,” as chronicled in his courageous song “The Announcement.”

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One Crazy Party [Radio Edit] by MAX & Planet Child

One Crazy Party [Radio Edit] by MAX & Planet Child by maxthedj

Check out music from the homie DJ MAX. He has been known to rock the turntables at Stereo Crowd events and all over Manhattan. Let MAX power your party and you will live with no regrets. Enjoy.


Note* – Max also does his own artwork.  Visuals.

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First Day Not Being BOLD

First day no Blackberry Bold

Funny how quick you can become dependent on a device. The Blackberry Bold was my weapon of choice
in the communication battlefield. I could easily have eye contact with someone and rapidly fire out 3 text messages and 2 emails before anyone realized I was on the berry.

The iPhone. A distinct change of pace and an undeniable tech upgrade. Being a true techie I secretly feared that I would replace human interaction with the app lovin and iTunes. Time will tell if my worst fears will come true, but for now I am having a blast with my new smarter phone. Goodbye BBM. You will be missed.


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