Ray Charles Performing Arts Center at Morehouse College


I first met Ray Charles when he came to Morehouse and gave us $2 million dollars during his speech at Kings Chapel.  I was running late for his speech and ended up walking beside him in the hallway of the Chapel.  At first I was trippin because this man was supposed to be blind and was walking around by himself and had no cane.  I kept staring at him (cause he was walking and I knew he couldnt see me).  Then he stopped in front of the bathrooms and said, “Getting here was the easy part, now which door is the men’s bathroom?  I can’t see it”.  I later learned that he used the sound made from his hard bottom shoes as a type of sonar that would let him know how close he was to the walls.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center on campus.  Its equipped with recording studios, performance spaces, classrooms, and even an outdoor performance space.  I applaud the efforts that went into making this project possible.  The Ray Charles Performing Arts Center is further evidence of Morehouse College’s commitment to enhancing the study of the arts in its world-class liberal arts education.  Good job and thanks Ray

Ray Center

Ray Center inside



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From ATL to NYC


I was back in ATL for a few days for a production project and to rent my house out.  While at MakeOne’s house it occurred to me that we have successfully established a creative and business reputation in both ATL and NYC.  In 2004 I had no plans to be in NYC, until Wall Street named a salary I couldn’t refuse.  Before 2004 we played pool using the Falcons and the Giants (see picture), before the thought of living in NYC even crossed the mind.  Some things are just a part of a greater plan.  NYC quickly became a comfortable place to spread creativity and build community.  And still is….

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