Iron Horse

Catch me if you can!

Catch me if you can!

Very few things in NYC give you the rush and personal satisfaction like running full speed and catching the train. Depending on the hour and time of day.  The cost of missing a train can equal a 10 to 45 minute wait. This wait may be in a smelly underground station with 10 old men sleeping on the platform or a rat or 3 running around your feet.

On the flip side of the coin. Very few things are more painful than preparing to jump on the train and the steel doors slam in your face. It’s the eyes of the people that saw you “almost” law it that hurt the most.

People often wonder why new yorkers walk so fast. It’s because of the cost involved in missing that iron horse.

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First Day Not Being BOLD

First day no Blackberry Bold

Funny how quick you can become dependent on a device. The Blackberry Bold was my weapon of choice
in the communication battlefield. I could easily have eye contact with someone and rapidly fire out 3 text messages and 2 emails before anyone realized I was on the berry.

The iPhone. A distinct change of pace and an undeniable tech upgrade. Being a true techie I secretly feared that I would replace human interaction with the app lovin and iTunes. Time will tell if my worst fears will come true, but for now I am having a blast with my new smarter phone. Goodbye BBM. You will be missed.


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